We make Proper Charcoal in the woods using two steel kilns. We have a sustainable management plan in place for our woodland, this ensures a mosaic of habitats which increases woodland biodiversity. 

The charcoal is of a high quality, free from chemicals, which makes it suitable for smokers as well as barbecues.

It lights easily and burns hot for a long time.

The charcoal is graded over 1" mesh which qualifies it as catering grade British lumpwood. The charcoal is sold in 2.5kg bags.

You can buy charcoal directly from us at £7 per bag or from one of our stockists, see link below.

If you would like to learn how we make our charcoal, you could join us for a day or night on one of our charcoal making experiences.

Night time experience £100pp

Day time experience £80pp

Meals and refreshments provided + basic camping facilities.

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Dartmoor, UK

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