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We make charcoal from wood gleaned from the steep wooded slopes of the Teign Valley on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in Devon. Charcoal has been made here for a very long time and is the reason why these woods look the way they do. The steepness of the slopes meant that it was/is easier to transport charcoal out of the woods than raw timber! It is for this reason that areas such as this were used almost exclusively for charcoal production. The oak bark (another light weight material) was stripped and used in the tanning industry. The wood was coppiced and made into charcoal where it was used in tin smelting and the wool industry.

We are proud to carry on this tradition of sustainable land management: We can not only supply charcoal to a local market where it is now used for barbecuing but also do our bit to preserve the unique landscape characteristics of our home. If you buy local charcoal you are supporting not only a heritage craft and a rural livelihood but ensuring the appropriate stewardship of woodland leading to increased biodiversity and the all important mosaic of woodland habitats.

There are now more and more proper charcoal makers in the UK, so give it some thought this summer ...👍🔥. You can buy charcoal directly from us at £8 per bag or from one of our stockists, see link below.

If you would like to learn how we make our charcoal, join us for a day or night on one of our charcoal making experiences. Meals and refreshments provided + basic camping facilities:

Night time experience £100pp

Day time experience £80pp

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