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Dartmoor, UK

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Hazel hurdles

We make hurdles in the traditional way, using cleft hazel with the top and bottom weave in the west country style. These hurdles are not to be confused with cheap imports which are usually sawn instead of cleft which makes them weaker and shortens the lifespan.  A good hurdle should not be made using nails as this also weakens the structure.

These hurdles should last between 5-7 yrs.

We don't make masses of hurdles as we don't yet have the large amounts of Hazel required until our coppice comes back on cycle,  but if you would like one or would like to learn how to make one, please get in touch as my arm is easily twisted to make them as I enjoy it so much!!

 example prices

6'x6' £90

6'x3' £45

other sizes available, just ask!